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2812 FM 987
Kaufman, TX 75142

Welcome to the official website of the Guinea Fowl International Association

Our Mission

  • To support the responsible keeping and breeding of Guinea Fowl.

  • To educate on the care and habits of Guinea Fowl.

  • To offer assistance to those interested in the incubation, hatching and keeping of Guinea Fowl.


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We are a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
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Please visit our Resource Links Page where you'll find an extensive list of guinea fowl (often called guinea hens) and poultry related Internet resource links.

..or visit our very popular message board, Guinea Fowl Forum, where experienced guinea fowl keepers can answer any questions you might have about guineas.

Got a guinea fowl or poultry related item to sell? Looking for a few keets or maybe a nice gift for a fellow guinea fowl enthusiast? Check out the new GFIA Classified Ads! You just might find what you're looking for!

The Sixth Day Bird

The Creator, creating the beasts of the field,
In a moment of whimsy could not help but yield
To an urge, and what could be fitter?

"I'll make Me one final whimsical critter!"
He began with the torso, spheroidal, prolate,
With legs short and stubby and toes six or eight.
The head wears a helmet with a strawberry top
And down-dangling wattles either straight or a lop.
Most birds are melodious, with a tune for each
He endowed this one with a god-awful screech.
They seldom walk--'tis a run or a trot,
Snatching bugs left and right, one for each polka-dot.
Their mentality make(sic) them insatiably curious.
They greet things strange with clamor furious
He made 'em gregarious to run in a flock
Then, wearily spent, He looked at his clock.
The Sixth Day ebbed into night when He
Grinned as He rested and called it a GUINEA!

Chet Lowe '02
Copyright © 2004

Guinea Fowl International Association
2812 FM 987
Kaufman, TX 75142

Vulturine Guinea Fowl
Photo courtesy of:
Honolulu Zoo, Hawaii, USA

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